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5 Plants that Love Hard Water


Got hard water?

No worries!

A beautifully 'scaped tank with vibrant creatures is not only possible, but it's pretty much assured.

There countless species of aquarium plants that can grow well in hard water conditions, and some of the most well- known choices you've probably heard of are Anubias, Java Fern, and Java Moss.
These plants are known for their resilience and ability to adapt to different water conditions.
Other plant species, such as Hornwort, Cryptocoryne, and Vallisneria, can also thrive in hard water and add to the aesthetic appeal of an aquarium.
All of these plants are low-maintenance and suitable for both experienced and novice aquarists.
For your consideration: here's more of our top  aquarium plants that also do well in hard water:

1. Amazon Sword Plant (Gold Standard plant with a big personality)

The Amazon Sword plant, also called 'Echinodorus bleheri', is a tall and sturdy plant with elegant elongated leaves.

It can be used as a background plant or a large centerpiece plant when planted alone.

When planted with others, it creates a "forest-like" effect. 

Best for larger tanks, Amazon Sword can get 12" tall or more. Bettas love to rest on the broad leaves near the surface!
Check out other Echinodorus species to round out that sword scape!

2. Lemon Bacopa (succulent leaves with a faint lemony smell)

Bacopa Caroliniana, a US native, is a creeping stem plant with delicate rounded leaves.

Hardy and suitable for beginners, 
it can handle lots of different water conditions and does not require CO2 injection.

The tips of new growth can turn red with iron and micronutrients! Try it as an emergent growing plant as well!

3. Water Sprite (Frilly plant that shrimp and fish fry love to hide in)

Water Sprite or 'Ceratopteris Thalictroides' is another fast-growing plant suitable for beginners, and has finely branched, decorative leaves that help prevent algae by consuming large amounts of nutrients.

This is a great plant for immersed setups as it regularly grows out of water, and looks pretty cool doing it.

Water sprite is one of those interesting plants that creates new little plantlets along the axils of older leaves. Just pinch them off, and you'll have new baby plants!

4.  Water Wisteria

'Hygrophila difformis' or Water Wisteria is a freshwater plant with lacy leaves and bright green color.

Water wisteria provides a variety of functions for aquariums, such as providing shelter, a nursery for tony fry, and chemically cleaner water.

It is popular for beginners and experts alike, due to its ability to handle common mistakes like bad water or insufficient light.

This is another plant that will try to grow tall and poke right out of the water. You'll see the leaves get much broader too.

Keep it nice and bushy underwater by trimming and replanting every few weeks!

5. Rotala

Rotala rotundifolia is a time-tested stem plant wonderfully suitable for aquascaping.

When grown above water, it retains roundish 'Mickey-mouse' leaves and a red stem, but underwater, they grow to a longer, more narrow and ruddy form.

You can see that dramatic difference in the photos above.

It is undemanding; tolerant of a wide range of water parameters and finally – it's easy to snip and replant to keep it bushy.



There are countless species of aquarium plants that are well-suited to life in hard water conditions -- but these plants mentioned above take the cake!

They are not only hardy and easy to care for, but they are also attractive and can help to create a beautiful, natural-looking environment in your aquarium.

Check out more of our blog posts for aquarium tips and tricks!


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