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Classroom Grants

At Glass Grown Aquatics, we believe in fostering a love for aquatic life and hands-on learning experiences in classrooms. That's why we're excited to announce our Monthly ‘Plant Grant’ available only to educators!

What You Could Win:

Every month, we select one educator to receive a $100 gift card for plants from our website. Use it to start (or finish) a captivating fish tank in your classrooms. The grant allows you to create a mesmerizing aquatic ecosystem that not only enhances your teaching curriculum but also brings joy and wonder to your students.

Email us at Help@GlassGrown.com for the entry form. Provide essential details, including your official school email address, school address, and other verification information. This step helps us ensure the integrity of the grant process and prevent fraudulent applications.

Go Beyond with the ‘Livestock Grant’:

But that's not all! For those educators who demonstrate true dedication and commitment to their aquatic pet habitats, we have an additional opportunity. After 6 weeks of nurturing and maintaining your tank, we offer an exclusive $100 grant for class pet livestock.

A Hands-On Learning Experience:

Introducing aquatic life into the classroom opens the door to a world of educational opportunities. Watch as your students learn about biology, ecosystems, responsibility, and teamwork while caring for their aquatic companions. Witness their faces light up with curiosity and excitement as they explore the wonders of the underwater world.

Important Note:

While we provide the grant and support, we kindly request the teacher/administrator requesting the grant to cover the shipping fees. This way, we can continue to offer this amazing opportunity to as many classrooms as possible.

Are you ready to bring the magic of aquatic life into your classroom? Apply now for the Classroom Aquatic Pet Habitat Grant and watch your students' learning journey dive to new depths!

Apply Here

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