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5 Red Plants to Spice Up Your Planted Aquarium



Tired of the same old green plants dominating your underwater paradise?

Are you ready to take your aquarium from ordinary to extraordinary?

Creating a stunning and vibrant aquarium is a dream for many aquarium enthusiasts.

While green plants often dominate aquatic landscapes, incorporating red plants can add a captivating burst of color and create a visually striking aquascape.

We'll explore a range of red aquatic wonders that will add a splash of excitement and personality to your planted aquarium.

These 5 Red plants don't ABSOLUTELY need Co2 or fertilizers. If you do add all the extras, they'll do a lot better though!


Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily



Don't let its small size fool you—the Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily is a mighty force of beauty!

The Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily is a beautiful aquatic plant known for its vibrant orange/ red coloration. With its small size, it is an ideal choice for nano aquariums or foreground placement in larger tanks.

This lily produces lovely red leaves that add a touch of elegance to any aquascape. In addition to its stunning appearance, this plant also provides shade and hiding spots for fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

Needs bright light for best color!


Red Tiger Lotus



The Red Tiger Lotus is a striking red plant choice for planted aquarium enthusiasts.

Its unique leaf stripes and intense red coloration make it a focal point in any aquascape. This plant is known for its ability to grow large, broad leaves that create a stunning contrast against other green plants.

The Red Tiger Lotus requires a moderate level of care and provides a visually striking centerpiece for your aquarium.


Scarlet Temple



Prepare to be blown away by the dramatic and vibrant Scarlet Temple, also known as Alternanthera reineckii.

This plant brings a burst of color to any aquarium with its reddish-brown leaves adorned with striking pink veins. Whether you place it in the middle or towards the back, it adds an element of enchantment to your aquascape.

To bring out its full potential, provide it with ample light and nutrient-rich conditions. Root tabs are helpful!


Ludwigia Repens Red



If you're seeking a versatile red plant that adds vibrancy and character to any setup, Ludwigia Repens Red is the perfect choice.

With its captivating red foliage, this plant instantly becomes a focal point in your aquascape. Its slender leaves and vibrant color create a captivating contrast against the surrounding greenery.

Ludwigia Repens Red thrives in a variety of water conditions, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists.


Ammania gracilis



For those who want to make a bold statement, Ammania gracilis is the way to go!

This striking red stem plant features broad, spear-shaped leaves, plus in high light, an intense red color that demands attention. 

To maintain its vibrant color, provide it with high light intensity and regular pruning. When planted in groups, it forms dense clusters that create a captivating underwater forest your fish will love exploring.


Incorporating red plants into your planted aquarium can transform it into a captivating underwater paradise.

The Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily, Red Tiger Lotus, Scarlet Temple, Ludwigia Repens Red and Ammania gracilis are excellent choices for adding vibrant red tones and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your aquascape.

Remember to provide suitable lighting, nutrient-rich substrate, and regular maintenance to help these plants thrive and maintain their vivid colors.

Experiment with different combinations and designs to create a personalized and visually stunning aquarium that will be the envy of fellow aquarists.

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