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Java Moss is the Breeder's Gold Standard for a Reason.

Java moss is the single most popular moss species in aquariums and terrariums worldwide; and it's not without reason! It's also the most commonly used plant in serious hobbyists and professional breeder's tanks. Here's why:

This plant is straightforward to maintain and requires very little care. It tolerates a wide range of temperatures, and doesn't require CO2 or excessive light; In fact, those things could actually ruin your Java Moss. See our Java Moss Profile post to discover why.

As the name suggests, Java moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri) is a plant native to Southeast Asia, specifically, the island of Java in Indonesia.
When properly maintained, Java moss could form a stunning green carpet that elevates your whole aquarium!

In its natural habitat of Southeast Asia, Java Moss is found everywhere. It grows spontaneously on rocks, branches, and almost any other surface so long as a tropical climate (humidity included) is present.
Being such a low-maintenance moss, it's a great ally when decorating your aquarium. It is commonly used in aquascaping and can produce beautiful results just as it is, although it also has many other benefits! 

In a community tank, where fish and invertebrates will breed, this moss is the perfect hiding place for fry and baby shrimp. Java has the ideal texture for eggs to latch on, and for fry and shrimplets to hide from potential predators.
Plus, it improves your aquarium's chemical health, and provides actual food for tiny fry and shrimplets.

Basically, your Java Moss has so much exposed surface area, that biofilms readily colonize every inch! Those biofilms nurture tiny microorganisms that feed larger (but still largely invisible to our eyes) micro fauna such as Cyclops and Algae Amoebas. Those in turn, are the miniscule microorganisms that feed your baby fish and shrimplets, and keep everyone healthy!

I bet you thought you only had fish or shrimp living in your tank. There's a whole hidden world out there!

It's no wonder this stuff is the plant of choice for breeders. It is low-maintenance and quick-growing, harbors its own food for baby fish and shrimp, while also consuming harmful nitrates to create more of itself! Did I mention it doesn't even need to be planted, or even pinned down?

Need more for a different tank? Pull a clump apart, and toss that in the new aquarium. No need to watch for roots, stems or any of that nonsense. Java moss can propagate itself from the smallest shred.

If that untidiness doesn't fly with you, Java moss can solve that as well. Check out our post on propagating and aquascaping with Java moss.

Maximize your shrimp and fish survival rate with the unique, nurturing protection of Java Moss!



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