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Aquarium Plants Your Betta Fish Will Love


If you're a proud Betta fish parent, you already know how these little finned wonders deserve the best. Creating a comfy and aesthetically pleasing home for your Betta can be a real joy.

One way to do it? Pop some live plants in their tank!

These greens not only make your Betta's crib look fab but also make them feel right at home. 

Why Go for Live Plants?

Before we jump into the plant party, let's quickly chat about why live plants are the bomb for your Betta buddy:

  1. Clean Water, Happy Betta: Live plants are like the cleaning squad for your tank. They gobble up nasty stuff like ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates, keeping your Betta's digs fresh and clean.

  2. A Slice of Home: Betta fish hail from the lush waters of Southeast Asia, where dense vegetation is the norm. Live plants give your Betta hiding spots, chill-out zones, and a chance for some aquatic exploration – just like in the wild!

  3. Oxygen Oasis: Through photosynthesis magic, live plants pump out oxygen into the water, giving your Betta a comfy oxygen-rich environment.

  4. Stress-Buster: Your Betta can get stressed (who knew, right?). Live plants help reduce their stress by breaking up sightlines and softening harsh lights.

  5. Looks Matter: Let's be honest; live plants make your tank look Instagram-worthy. Your Betta will thank you for the upscale pad!

Now, let's check out some of the hotshot plants your Betta will adore:

1. Java Fern 

  • Perfect for beginners, these ferns thrive in low to moderate light.
  • Their broad, dark-green leaves are Betta's best buds for hiding and resting.
  • Attach them to driftwood or rocks using fishing line or a rubber band.. even some cyanoacrylate super glue – easy peasy!

2. Anubias 

  • Anubias is a no-fuss plant that's as hardy as your grandma's cast-iron skillet.
  • Those sturdy leaves? Betta lounging central!
  • Pop them on driftwood or rocks, making sure the horizontal main stem stays above the substrate. Like Java fern, Anubias can be attached with sewing thread, super glue or a simple rubber band.

3. Amazon Sword

  • These babies create a mini jungle in your tank.
  • They love moderate to high light and fancy a nutrient-rich substrate. Root tabs are your friend!
  • Give 'em room to grow; they can get up to 20 inches tall!

4. Dwarf Hairgrass

  • Want that lush carpet look? Dwarf hairgrass is your MVP.
  • It needs moderate to high light and a nutrient-rich substrate.
  • Trim it now and then to keep it sleek and neat.

5. Water Wisteria

  • Fast-growing and a Betta favorite for hanging out and lounging.
  • Water quality improvement? Check! Low to medium light is best.
  • Regular trimmings are a must to keep it in check... it will grow right out of your tank!

6. Java Moss

  • This versatile moss can chill on rocks, driftwood, or float freely.
  • Bettas love diving and snooping in its thick, bushy growth.
  • Low-maintenance – perfect for lazy aquascapers like me!

7. Cryptocoryne

  • Available in various shades and sizes – Betta fashion show, anyone?
  • They're cool with low to moderate light and a nutrient-packed substrate.
  • Your Betta gets stylish hideaways and you get a tank to brag about!

Maintenance Tips:

  1. Light it right: Pick the right lighting based on your plant's needs and stick to a consistent schedule.

  2. Feed your plants: Some plants might need extra nutrients – root tabs or liquid fertilizers are your pals.

  3. Keep 'em trimmed: Regular pruning keeps your tank from turning into a mess.

  4. Water wizardry: Keep your Betta and the plants happy with regular water changes and keeping an eye on water parameters.


Turning your Betta's crib into a lush and vibrant paradise is as simple as adding some live aquarium plants. Not only do they make your tank pop, but they also keep your Betta content by giving them a natural feel and reducing stress.

With the right choices and a little TLC, you'll create a spot your Betta fish will absolutely adore. So, go ahead and green up their pad – your Betta will be living the dream! 🌿🐠

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