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Oriental Sword Plant

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Just Lovely!

Oriental Sword (Echinodorus 'oriental') produces glowing pink leaves in an elegant, upright fashion. Newer leaves sprout pink, and older leaves fade to green. Neat, oval/ spear- shaped leaves will keep on producing in a medium to low light aquarium. Stunning as a single specimen piece in Nano aquariums, or planted in a trio in a larger aquarium. 

Swords (Echinodorus) are one of the most difficult aquatic plants to kill, and they are fairly slower growing. They won't need anything special in terms of lighting, filtration, or temperatures, but could use a nutrient rich soil to look their best. 

If they are happy, they'll grow right out of your tank, and may even produce beautiful little white flowers for you. It's rewarding.

Swords are hearty plants, similar to things like Java fern or Anubias; so if you have fish that are nippy and like to dig (small cichlids, loaches, goldfish etc), these plants will work for your set up.

Bare- root Sword plant is between 6-10" tall.


Growing requirements:

  • 65-80 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ph 6-8
  • Low to Medium light intensity.
  • Can be grown immersed or submerged
  • Medium growth speed
  • Root tabs recommended

As I like to keep real ecosystems in my aquariums, there's always the possibility of harmless snail or dwarf shrimp hitchhikers!