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Onyx Mystery Snail

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Onyx Mystery Snails - the sleek, inky beauties that'll add a touch of mystery to your aquarium. These little guys bring a dash of midnight elegance with their deep, glossy shells, making your tank the envy of the underwater world.

Easily confused with the Illegal 'Apple snails' due to their shape, these little guys are a completely different species (Pomacea bridgesii)!

These Onyx Mystery snails get larger (between 2- 3 inches), and are voracious algae and detritus eaters. They'll even attack hair algae!

So attractive and striking in the planted tank, these are completely peaceful little creatures, and will quickly clean up any waste left over by other inhabitants. They are shrimp safe.

Curiously, Mystery snails regularly make trips outside the water, using a 'Siphon' of sorts. Be sure to keep your water line a few inches from the edge of your tank to allow them to roam!

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Mystery Snails

Cassandra's notes:

These little guys play such an important role in a balanced aquarium! They are nature's recyclers, and work tirelessly to scrub detritus, algae and fish poo from your tank.

Peaceful and easy- going, you may see them resting on green foliage in order to scrub away any algae or biofilms on the surface. 

These guys are undemanding, but would prefer a planted, community tank within normal parameters. They do like a bit of cuttlebone here and there to keep their shells hard and clear. Grab some of that here: Cuttlebone by Weight Keep your PH above 7, or their shells could begin to erode!

These snails may reproduce in a freshwater aquarium if you keep more than one together. They'll climb up above the surface of your water (keep a good lid), and lay a clutch of pearly eggs. Simply remove if you do not want more snails around.

If you do not see any visible algae anywhere in your aquarium, it would be pertinent to place a blanched piece of vegetable on the substrate every few days. Be sure to remove within the day, as you won't want to foul up your water! They will also happily accept little algae wafers (the kind advertised for bottom feeders such as Plecos)

Under 40F where you are? Don’t forget your HEAT PACK!

Think you know all there is to know about Mystery snails? Read Vincent’s Article: Mystery Snail Magic: Your Complete Aquarium Care Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Drasher
Best packaging ever!

All items were very well wrapped and protected. Great place to do business.

Kathleen Kelly
Very healthy, curious snail!

This is my first time ordering a snail vs buying at a local fish store. Our snail arrived healthy and curious. He/She has already grown so much! We love watching all of its activity! Thank you!


Healthy and very big!! Love this little guy he just noms away

Karen M
Arrived healthy despite the winter weather

Very happy with my purchase. I needed help keeping up with algae in my aquarium.


he was fine. a little chilly but perked up quickly