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Male Red Neon Guppy-Live Animals-Glass Grown-Single Male-Glass Grown Aquatics-Aquarium live fish plants, decor

Male Red Neon Guppy

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  Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are popular in freshwater aquariums worldwide, being members of the Poeciliidae family and live-bearing. Originating in northeast South America, they have been introduced around the globe.

These Neon Red Moscows are older, and sexed.

These are Juveniles between 6-12 weeks old at the moment, and are ready to breed immediately. They are sill growing, however, and will need a couple weeks to reach full size and coloring. 

Super flashy when light hits! These are active beautiful babies, who flit all around the tank, but are mostly top water column feeders. They grow to an average length of 1"-1.5".
Remember, if your temperatures are below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit, you must purchase a Heat Pack for the Live Arrival Guarantee to apply! One needed per order; find it here: LIVE ANIMAL HEAT PACK

Cassandra's Notes:

I personally feed them everything from the OmegaOne flake and pellet line, to both frozen and live fish foods, to blanched veggies. Guppies are generally not picky eaters and will accept a wide range of meaty, quality food.

Guppies are easy to please. They live in a wide range of freshwater tanks and would prefer community, planted tanks. Guppies should not be kept with nippy fish that might pick on their long, flowing tails. 
They can also be kept with peaceful invertebrates such as shrimp and snails, however there should be plenty of hiding spaces for any baby shrimp you wish to keep. 

 Recommended Water Parameters:
  • 65-80 degrees F.
  • 10+ Gallon tank size
  • 5.5- 8.0 PH
  • 10-30 dKH 

    I ship insulated with medicated water, and Purigen, by tracked and insured USPS Priority only, and use cool packs when needed.
    Do consider purchasing a heat pack if the temperatures in your area are below 40 degrees!

    Please arrange to pull these little guys right indoors once they arrive to your mailbox. USPS also has a free mail hold service on their website. Please utilize this service if no one can be home.

    While in quarantine before being sold, we treat all our live fish with the ‘Med Trio’; Maracyn for Bacterial infections, Paracleanse for internal and external parasites, and Ich-X for fungal infections.