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Corkscrew Vallisneria-Aquatic Plants-Glass Grown-Glass Grown Aquatics-Aquarium live fish plants, decor

Corkscrew Vallisneria

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 The beautiful Vallisneria 'Torta' adds unique vertical texture to the background of your aquarium. It can get tall, so be sure to trim!

This is a wonderful tough-wearing plant and would do great in a goldfish tank. 

Heavy root feeders, so be sure to add root tabs unless you have a great dirted substrate!

Nodes naturally vary, Avg is 3-6" tall.


Growing requirements:

  • 65-80 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ph 6-8
  • Low to High light intensity.
  • quick growth speed

As I like to keep real ecosystems in my aquariums, there's always the possibility of harmless snail or dwarf shrimp hitchhikers!