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Bunch Rotala Macrandra

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 An easy care plant, Rotala Macrandra can get tall, so be sure to add it towards the back of your aquarium! Don't let any floaters block its light!

When it gets plenty of good lighting, Rotala Macrandra will start to 'pearl" oxygen. It's stunning!

A bunch is 4-6 collected stems, and may be branched or rooted. (4-8" tall)

The plant bunches I will send you have been grown with higher lights for best health. The plants in my photos show what they will look like in a few weeks of moderate light and no co2 in your tanks.

You may even consider adding Iron supplementation and fertilizers. While not strictly necessary, This plant fits right into a higher-tech aquarium!

Rotalas are generally emergent- growing plants, which means they'll grow right up and out of your water! The leaf structure will change as well, which makes a very cool bog-type effect.

Growing requirements:

  • 65-80 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ph 6-8
  • Medium to High light intensity.
  • Medium- Fast growth
  • Gets leggier, and more green with lower light. 
  • Co2 not necessary, but recommended for best color.

As I like to keep real ecosystems in my aquariums, there's always the possibility of harmless snail or dwarf shrimp hitchhikers!


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