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Anubias Barteri Mother-Aquatic Plants-Glass Grown-Glass Grown Aquatics-Aquarium live fish plants, decor

Anubias Barteri Mother

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 "Plant came to me very quickly and very green and healthy! Item was packaged well and very well wrapped for shipment. I am very happy with purchase and will look to buy from this shop again!"

-Phil A. Via Etsy

An excellent, easy, beginner little plant.

Anubias Barteri is very similar to Anubias nana, but with slightly longer stems. It reproduces through lateral nodes, and has glossy thick leaves that almost look fake.

Slow growing, but you'd eventually be able to break off sections for a new plant. 

These Mother plants are between 7 to 12" tall with several large leaves.


Looking for the better- established potted Barteri? How about a smaller, standard bare-root plant?

As an epiphyte, Anubias should not be completely buried in the substrate, as it will rot. Simply anchor a few roots in, no more than a quarter inch deep. These are also great for gluing to driftwood and rocks!

Anubias are hardy and slow-growing. Perfect for tough livestock such as goldfish and certain cichlids. Tolerates lower light, and is pretty difficult to kill in my opinion!

One thing to note: As Anubias are slow growers, algae growth can be a concern. Just keep an eye on your parameters, and put your lights on a little plug-in timer. Six hours of light is plenty.

Growing requirements:

  • 65-80 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ph 6-8
  • Low to Medium light intensity.
  • Slow growth speed

As I like to keep real ecosystems in my aquariums, there's always the possibility of harmless snail or dwarf shrimp hitchhikers!