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 Shipping FAQ's:

How will you ship my order?

Standard shipping is via USPS First-Class or Priority. This offers the best value and speed to you as the customer. We try to ship on Mondays to ensure your order gets to you before a weekend, so you should expect your order by Wednesday for Priority, Friday by First- Class at the most.

In temperate times of the year, we ship throughout the week, while still factoring in weather along the way, USPS holidays, or any other issues that might affect a safe delivery.

Please note that we reserve the right to hold or delay your shipment without notice due to any of the above factors. We want healthy, happy deliveries, and we're sure you do too.

We ship live fish and shrimp via 2-day Priority or higher. This ensures your little guys make it to you as quickly as possible. If your order contains both live shrimp/fish and dry goods, snails, or plants, you'll be upgraded to Priority automatically.

If you require a hold or priority on your shipment, please let us know as soon as possible. Add a note to the order, or email us at help@glassgrown.com

If you select the UPS 'Next Day' Option, please note that UPS doesn't consider weekends to be included in the Next Day guarantee. We therefore only ship UPS orders Monday through Wednesday. If you order outside those days, no worries; your fish are just hanging out with me, stuffing their faces, and listening to good Jazz.


Do you use breather bags?

We use breather bags on orders of dwarf shrimp only, when there is no heat pack present. The oxygen needed to produce heat would suffocate animals in a permeable breather bag.

Your fish orders will arrive in double poly bags, with medicated water and Purigen beads for waste absorption. This is industry standard, and offers the best stress protection along the way.

Priority fish and/or shrimp deliveries are always Styrofoam-lined to prevent quick temperature shocks.

We do modify these practices during the summer, when its very hot. Almost all fish will go with breather bags to allow better oxygen exchange.


Do you use heat or cold packs?

Heat packs are available for add on purchase to your order. We offer specialized long-term release packs made for shipping delicate animals. These are not simple handwarmers you might get at sporting goods stores (those will cook and kill your animals). We offer them at cost, and recommend them during bouts of freezing weather; one per shipment.

Please note, if you would like to claim any DOA's on shrimp or Fish when the weather is under 40 degrees F, you MUST purchase this extra protection.

You'll notice our selection of shrimp and fish may be limited during January and February. This is to ensure the best survival rates and your satisfaction.

We use cold packs on all shrimp and fish shipments during extreme heat, and will include them free of charge.


Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Sorry, we can only ship to the 50 states and all U.S. territories.


What happens when my order is damaged during shipping?

Please send us 3 photos of the damaged box and contents within 2 hours of USPS's time-stamped delivery. Please ensure the shipping label is visible and legible in one of your photos of the damaged box. 
These things happen, and they are nobody's fault. We're happy to offer a refund or store credit for your order (less shipping) if the above conditions are met. Please email your name, order number, and photos to Help@glassgrown.com
Shipping charges are non- refundable.


My fish or shrimp didn't make it! What now?

We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee. No worries! Please contact us within 2 hours of USPS's time stamped delivery with photos of the unopened bag of fish and shrimp. You will receive an immediate refund. Shipping is non-refundable.

We always send extras with shrimp and Fry packs. Please contact us for a refund/ credit on individuals, if the total number of surviving animals is less than your ordered.

Please understand that this Live Arrival Guarantee doesn't apply to fish in your care after the two hour time limit. Although we raise our fish in simple, low-tech environments with a broad tolerance for tank conditions and foods, we cannot be responsible for your home tank conditions. 

This Live Guarantee also doesn't apply to packages delivered and then left exposed in extreme sun, heat, or cold for several hours. That doesn't make sense. 

A great deal of love and joy is invested in our fishy friends, so we ask that you do your part in ensuring they are taken care of, and arrangements are made to bring them inside immediately. USPS has a free mail hold service available on their website as well. This way, if you are anticipating extreme weather, or cannot be home to immediately pull your package in, you have mitigated exposure and stress for your new aqua buddies.

Please understand, when the weather is under 40 degrees at your location, you must purchase a heat pack with shrimp and fish in order for us to cover you!

Shipping charges are not refundable.


Do you have a retail location?

At this time, we do not have a location available for walk-ins.

If you are in or around Lawrence, Kansas, please drop us a message! We would be happy to arrange a local pick-up or delivery of your order.


I've already placed my order, but how do I add or change items?

It is very possible we may be able to accomodate changes or modifications, though not guaranteed.

We are opportunistic shippers, and you package may have already gone out.

If you request something that is not in stock, please understand, we wont be able to help there, although we can always suggest comparable items!


How will I know when to expect my order?

You will receive an email when we go to print the shipping labels. The email will have a tracking number so you can keep an eye out.

USPS has a free Informed Delivery service you can sign up for. This will help you keep track of any arriving packages so you can make arrangements the day before.

Regardless, our website will automatically send you emails once your order is fulfilled, picked up, and delivered.

This year, shipping estimates for USPS have rather dilated. This is why we decided to ship only mostly on Mondays and Fridays. You should expect your Priority shipments to take 1-3 days, and any First- Class shipments to take less than 4 days.


 Live Plant FAQs:


Can I guarantee specific plants in the Random Trim Packs or Growers Choice Bunches?

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee specific plants in those random  assortments. You may certainly request them, however! Leave me a note in the order and I'll do my best.

Those trim packs are meant to give beginners a chance at a wider variety, at a decent price point. Think of these like a farmer's weekly CSA box. We aren't sure what exactly will be growing super well this week, but we'll be sure to give you variety! All grow well in lower-light, easy- care aquariums, and just right for the beginner.


Are your plants snail-free?

Our plants are grown in their natural state; rich, diverse community environments. We believe snails are an important functioning member of that ecosystem.

We also understand snails might not be for everyone, and that's alright too! We make every effort to remove anything we find while packing, but snails are tricky creatures, and are super adept at hiding themselves and their eggs inside plants. 

When you receive your plants, do be sure to inspect them for any hitchhikers. It's best to do this in a cupful of de-chlorinated aquarium water before introducing them into your tank. Snails like to explore, so if you float your plants in that cup for a few hours, you'll see any hitchhikers scooting along the walls and bottom. 

To ensure egg removal, there are a plethora of dip methods listed on the internet. You'd be able to choose one that best fits your time and materials. Here's a common snail dip recipe below:

1- Rinse your plants under lukewarm water for a minute.

2- Prepare a shallow tub of snail dip using one part bleach to ten parts water.

3- Prepare a second tub with water and 3x the recommended dose of de-chlorinator. Seachem Prime is excellent for this.

4- Soak your plants in the bleach dip for 60 seconds, ensuring all parts of the plant are fully submerged.

5- Immediately rinse your plants under running water until you no longer smell chlorine.

6- Soak your plants in the De-chlorinator tub for ten minutes, then transfer to your tank.

Its an excellent idea to double the dose of de-chlorinator in your tank as well. Be sure to handle your plants delicately throughout.


My plants arrived mushy and gross. What can I do?

Please send us a picture or two!  We would love to help.

Some minor leaf browning and melt should be expected during shipment. However, if your plants look way too far gone and unusable, please let us know. We are happy to provide a refund/ credit, less any shipping charges. 

It's so unfortunate that we can't hand deliver our plants to you, and so we rely on USPS to transfer them to you. Along the way, things may happen. We have your back.


 Live Animal FAQs 


How do I acclimate my new shrimp or fish?

A cursory Google search will yield any number of drip- acclimating systems. The one I most often use is simple;

1. Place the contents of the baggie of your new fish or shrimp buddies into a quart container (such as a recycled yogurt cup).
2. Add a tablespoon of your established, de-chlorinated tank water into the container every few minutes for an hour or two until the container is almost full. 
3. While you are adding tank water a spoonful at a time, try to float the container in the tank itself so you can even out the temperatures.
4. Once an hour or two has passed, carefully(!) drain out the container over a net in your sink. Do not put this water into your tank. I use mine to water house plants.
5. Quickly release your netful of critters into your tank. 

    The idea here is to mitigate any number of shock factors for your new shrimp or fish. They may not be able to take sudden temperature or PH swings, but will  slowly adapt over time. These guys are hardy!

    Please note the little white or yellowish balls in the baggies are a substance called "Purigen", and are completely harmless and inert. They are a patented polymer that excels in waste absorption to keep your water clear. You can keep or toss these, either way, nobody is harmed.


    How do I acclimate my new Snails?

    The snail species we sell are hardy and tolerant of a wide range of cycled and de-chlorinated aquariums. They are not in need of the acclimating system as described above, however, they should be at comparable temperatures at least. If it has been very cold or very hot outside, they should be allowed to come to room temperature first. Then:

    1. Open up the baggie and remove them from the paper towel they have been nestled in.
    2. Rinse them gently in a little cupful of de-chlorinated tank water.
    3. Add them straight into your tank, or let them sit in a new cupful of tank water for a few minutes for observation.
    4. Observe your snails closely. Any completely empty shells may have not made it. Look for changes in movement. 

      Extras are always added to snail orders of Ramshorn and Bladders, so please contact us if you don't wind up with at least the exact number of individuals you ordered. If everyone made it, then yay! Bonus snails!


      I've placed my new snails in their cycled tank. Why aren't they moving?

      No worries! Sometimes it really does take them a bit to figure out where they are and if it's safe to come out. Many will poke their little heads out immediately, but others may need a few hours. Please contact us if you see no movement after 24 hours.


      If I purchase different colors of shrimp, snails, or fish, will they breed with one another?

      As long as your new buddies are of the same species, YES, they will. If you'd like to maintain specific colors or patterns, it's best to keep them in separate tanks. 

      All guppies (Poecilia Reticulata) will interbreed. Many hobbyists (myself included), enjoy creating new tones and hybrids. It's a tricky avenue to travel, however, and requires a great deal of space and time, even if it's not done professionally.

      Guppies will NOT breed with White Cloud Minnows or Cory catfish for example. The same idea extends to different species of snails and shrimp. Ramshorns will not breed with Bladder snails or Malaysian Trumpets. Nor Dwarf Neocaridina shrimp with Amano Shrimp or Caridina species. 

      Many people love the look of colorful Ramshorn snails or Skittles Dwarf shrimp. These groups will interbreed and revert to brown, clear, or wild type eventually. It may take several years.

      If you like the look of colorful, fluttery fish, try a group of all- male guppies. You'll have no breeding at all!


      Will my snails eat my plants?

      None of the snails we carry are aggressive or destructive in any way. They do not eat live healthy plants, nor will they bother any other tank-mates. They just spend their days scrubbing algae from surfaces of plants, glass, and decor.

      One exception: Assassin snails will eat other snails, INCLUDING Nerites. Do not keep these guys together. Assassins will not harm baby shrimp or other fish. I keep my Assassin Colonies with my Neocaridina shimp colonies all the time!


      Need more help and can't find your answer online?

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