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Quick and Dirty: Why You Need Live Plants


Adding aquatic plants to your tank not only adds beauty and natural aesthetics, but it also helps to maintain a healthy environment for your aquatic pets.

Why Aquatic Plants are a Must-Have for Your Aquarium

3x Quick reasons:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Plants add an element of natural beauty to your aquarium, making it a peaceful and relaxing space.
  • Oxygen Production: Aquatic plants help to oxygenate the water in your aquarium, creating a healthy and supportive environment for your fish.
  • Nutrient Cycling: Plants help to absorb harmful chemicals from the water, contributing to a cleaner, healthier aquarium.

Thinking live plants may not be for you?

Here are 3 quick reasons to nix live plants:

  • Difficulty of Care: Some aquarium plants require a more specialist level of care than others, so be sure to research their specific needs before deciding which ones to buy.
  • Overgrowth: Certain plants can grow very quickly, potentially outcompeting other plants in your aquarium.
  • Light and CO2 Requirements: Certain plants may require higher levels of light or CO2 to thrive, so be sure to choose plants that are compatible with your aquarium setup.

Honestly, sounds like each of these three issues might actually be a feature, not a bug.

Pick EASY plants, let them grow wild and scrub your water clean, and sit back and admire your new underwater jungle.

Need some quick jungle plant picks?

Here's an article for that: Top 5 Plants for a Lush Aquarium


Final Thoughts:

When selecting aquatic plants for your aquarium, it’s crucial to consider your fish species and their compatibility with different plant varieties.

Some fish may uproot or nibble on certain plants, while others may thrive and breed in a densely planted tank.

Additionally, consider the size and growth rate of the plants, as well as their potential to create a lush and visually stunning underwater landscape.

Mixing different colors and textures of plants can create a more natural and harmonious look in your aquarium.

AGAIN - it’s not just about creating a stunning underwater jungle - these aquatic plants will also boost your fish’s health and happiness.

They’ll provide natural hideaways and shade, giving your fish a sense of security and comfort. Plus, they’ll help balance the water’s chemistry, creating a healthier environment for your fish to flourish.

Now, what are you waiting for? Make it happen and design that breathtaking underwater garden - Your fish will thank you for it!

Happy Plantin' 

Cassandra 🍃🌱🌿

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