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Beginner Betta Care: Tank and Temperature Tips

Are you ready to dive into the vibrant and lively world of Betta fish

Home Sweet Home 🏠

First off, let’s ditch those tiny bowls or vases.

Your Betta deserves a roomy home, like a 5 to 10 gallon tank.

More space equals more fun and enrichment for your Betta as well as more stable tank parameters to keep them healthy. 

Water Wonders 💧

Tap water? It can contain chlorine which isn’t good for your Betta, and letting it sit overnight isn’t enough for most municipal sources here in the States.

You’ll need a water conditioner or dechlorinator, like Fritz Complete Water Conditioner or Seachem Prime, to make it safe for your Betta.

Good news: you don't need much, and they are fast-acting... you just use them as part of your regular water change routine.


Just Right Temperature 🌡️

Bettas like warm waters, around 80°F. If your room temperature is usually between 67°F to 69°F, your Betta will survive, but won't really thrive.

Add a heater to see the best color and natural behaviors!

Keeping them at the wrong temperature will cause them stress, lead to illnesses--  and could shorten their lifespan over time.

Filtration Funnel 🌀

To avoid an oily film on the water’s surface, keep the water appropriately oxygenated,  and because Bettas aren't fans of a fast current, you’ll need a gentle filtration solution.

Sponge filters are a popular choice. They’re gentle, reliable, and easy to use and clean.

If you prefer an internal or hang on back filter, you can add baffles to slow their output so your Betta doesn't get swept along.


Feeding Frenzy 🍽️

Feed your Betta once a day, just enough that they're able to eat in one minute. Overfeeding can lead to health issues.

A good rule of thumb to remember: a Betta's stomach is about the size of one of their eyes. Feed them the amounts they need... not what you think is appropriate.

Try staple foods like Betta fish pellets and freeze-dried bloodworms. Throw in some live or frozen foods - they're like us, really - they love variety!

Make your feeding routine, and you'll soon have your Betta eating out of your hand... literally. There are numerous videos of this online, with training tips.


Clean and Clear 🧼

The size of your tank (and any tankmates) will determine how often you should clean.

For example: a 10-gallon tank, planted with only a single Betta might need a 30% water change once a month.

A 10 gallon tank with more fish (even nano varieties) would likely require weekly 25% changes. 

Testing your water regularly will show you if it should be more often, and will alert you to potential issues. Consistency is key to keep your Betta stress-free!

Betta Buddies 🐟

Betta fish are territorial, it is true, but aggression levels (like personalities) vary from fish to fish.

Mostly, they should be housed alone, however they can coexist with peaceful nano fish in larger tanks. Just have a contingency plan in case your Betta isn't happy with a community setting.

Never keep a Betta fish with another Betta fish. Even one male with one female (for the purposes of breeding) is a risky endevour. Breeding is not a fun beginner project like breeding guppies or Angelfish might be. It needs methodical research and discipline for the safety of both fish.

In fact, some Bettas can't even stand other peaceful community fish with fluttery fins and bright colors. I have experienced Bettas flaring endlessly over brightly- colored aquarium decor or even a book leaned against the tank on the outside. I guess he didn't like its bright red dust jacket.

Knowledge is Power 🧠

As a beginner, make a point to join Betta fish groups, read articles, and always be open to learning more.

You play a crucial role in ensuring your Betta lives a long and healthy life. These creatures are oddly intelligent, and deserve so much more than a cold, tiny bowl.

By following these tips, you’re not just taking care of your Betta, you’re becoming a responsible and informed Betta enthusiast.

Welcome to the community! 🐠💙

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