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Keeping Your Fish Tank Safe from Kitty Mischief

So, you've got a fish tank and a curious cat?

While having an aquarium can be super relaxing and visually pleasing, it can also turn into a real-life episode of "cat vs. fish" if you're not careful.

But don't worry, we've got you covered with some casual tips on how to keep a fish tank with a cat without it turning into a feline feeding frenzy.


Choose a Smart Location

First things first, where you put your fish tank matters. Cats are climbers and curious creatures, so keep the tank in a place that's out of their reach. Consider getting a sturdy stand or a wall-mounted shelf. Anything to keep your feline friend from treating the tank like a buffet.

The Right Tank Makes a Difference

The type of tank you choose can either make your life easier or give your cat more opportunities for mischief:

  • Go for a tank with a secure lid or cover. Think of it as a cat-proof cap for your fishy friends.

  • Acrylic tanks are a great alternative to glass. They're less likely to shatter if your cat decides to tap dance on top of it.

Cat-Proofing Your Tank

    To keep the peace between your finned pals and your furry friend, here are some practical tips:

    • Use weights or aquarium-safe adhesive to keep tank decorations and plants in place.

    • Keep cords out of your cat's reach, or invest in some cord covers. Cats love to chew, and cords are just too tempting.

    • Try out cat deterrents like double-sided tape or pet-safe sprays near the tank. Cats hate sticky paws!

    • Give your cat other entertainment options to distract them from their aquatic pals. Think toys, scratching posts, and cozy spots to nap.

    Fishy Friends that Can Hold Their Own

      Choosing the right fish is crucial:

      • Opt for fish that can handle a little stress and won't freak out when your cat comes to visit.

      • Speedy swimmers are a good choice; they can zip away from curious paws.

      • Provide hiding spots in the tank so your fish can play hide-and-seek with your cat if they need to.

      Here are a few examples of fish species that can be a good fit:

      1. Tetras: Tetras, like Neon Tetras or Cardinal Tetras, are small, fast-swimming fish that often school together. Their swift movements can make it challenging for a cat to target a single fish.

      2. Zebra Danios: Zebra Danios are lively swimmers and can be quite active, which can pique your cat's interest without endangering the fish.

      3. Guppies: Guppies are colorful and small, and while they may attract your cat's attention, they can usually dart away quickly.

      Supervised Fun

        Sometimes, it can be fun to let your cat watch the fish tank under your watchful eye. It's like kitty TV! But remember, always keep an eye on the situation to ensure it doesn't turn into a real-life cat-and-fish action movie.

        Stick to a Routine

          Cats love routines, so make sure you stick to a regular feeding schedule and spend some quality playtime with your feline friend. This can help reduce their interest in the fish tank as a source of entertainment.

          Positive Reinforcement

            Last but not least, consider some kitty training. Reward your cat with treats and love when they leave the fish tank alone. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in teaching your cat some aquarium manners.


            Keeping a fish tank with a cat can be a fun and peaceful experience if you take the right precautions. So, go ahead, create your underwater oasis, and let your cat be a spectator rather than a hunter.

            With a little planning and some cat-friendly strategies, you can enjoy your fish tank without turning it into a battleground. Happy fishkeeping! 🐠🐱

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