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The Difference Between Plakat and Halfmoon Betta Varieties

So, you're thinking of adding a Betta fish to your aquarium, but you're not quite sure which type to pick.

We get it; it can be a bit confusing with all the options out there. Don't worry, we're here to break it down for you in the most straightforward way.

Let's talk about the showdown between the Plakat and the Halfmoon Betta fish.

Meet the Plakat Betta


The Plakat Betta, hailing from the tropical waters of Thailand, is a bit of a surprise package.

Why, you ask? Well, because it's often mistaken for a female Betta due to its short tail. But don't be fooled, these little guys are ALL MALE!

Looks Matter

Plakats are known for their simple yet attractive looks. They've got short, round tails that come in all sorts of cool colors and patterns.

You can find them in solid colors or rocking marble and butterfly patterns like the one pictured above.

Their Personality

Plakats are known anecdotally for being more active than their long- finned counterparts. They're always on the move, exploring their tank, and they're pretty feisty.

So if you want a fish that's full of energy and excitement, the Plakat's your pick.

Taking Care of Them

Plakats are tough cookies.

Because of their shorter, more compact fins, they are less prone to fin rot, nipping, and snagging.

Like most Bettas, they can handle a wide range of water conditions, which is a big plus. But to keep them in tip top shape, it's best to keep their water warm (75F +), and slightly acidic. Regular tank cleaning is a must for their wellbeing.


Say Hello to the Halfmoon Betta

Now, onto the Halfmoon Betta, and yes, it's named after its show stopping tail that looks like a half-moon.

It's really a peacock among already showy Bettas!

Looks Matter

Halfmoons are all about the drama. Their tails are massive, almost double the size of their bodies. When they decide to flare, it's a jaw dropping sight, with vibrant colors and patterns on full display. 

Be sure you're feeding them lots of excellent live foods for the best color and fin health.

Their Personality

Compared to the Plakat, Halfmoons are a bit more chill. They're less aggressive and more peaceful tankmates. 

You can probably guess why – those big tails can slow them down, so they're not as active.

Taking Care of Them

Halfmoons need a bit more TLC. Their beautiful tails are prone to tearing, so keeping their water top- notch is a priority. 

Be sure to avoid nippy tank mates, and regularly review your tank for possible fin- ripping oppotunities, like a sharp piece of driftwood or rock... or even some jagged plant parts.

when the inevitable occours, and you see a bit of jagged fin, don't worry!

Leap into action with a nice salt dose. I use 1 tablespoon per ten gallons. That's super mild, and shouldn't affect your plants or invertibrates, or even scaleless fish like Corydoras.

For more severe cases of fin rip or rot, I use a product with Malachite Blue in it-- Hikari Ich-X is my usual go- to. Just follow bottle directions, and they heal right up.

Making Your Choice

The big question is, which one should you go for? 

As very ornamental fish, you'll probably want to choose one based on looks alone.

However, if you're into an active, energetic fish, the Plakat is the one. But if you're all about the visual drama and don't mind a bit more care, the Halfmoon's the star.

Just remember, no matter which one you choose, Betta fish are unique and deserve your love and care.

They're sure to bring color and life to your aquarium, whether you're team Plakat or team Halfmoon!

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